Functions of the Unmissable NPC's

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Functions of the Unmissable NPC's

Post  Joen on Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:31 pm

Here you can see the functions of the NPC's Wink

Free Market

Phil: Phil is the Skilmaxer in AllstyleMS he will max you skills if you pay him.

Nana (P) Love Fairy: Nana (P) is the Scroll seller in AllstyleMS.

Sera: Sera can reset your Ability Points and she will give you some extra points too!

Duey: You can buy Tamed pets for riding at Duey.

Spinel World Tour Guide: Spinel can teleport you to everyplace you want to be, she can teleport you to bosses too!

Amos the strong: LvL 70+ equip seller, for all Jobs + accesoires!

Coco: Coco is the Fame seller in AllstyleMS.

Cody: Cody is the Job Advancer in AllstyleMS.

Mr. Pickall: Mr. Pickall is the Ticket trader in AllstyleMS.

Mr. Moneybags: Moneybags sells Seats and Sofa's.

Casey: Soon you can buy arrows and special arrows here.

Spiegelmann: Spiegelmann is the 2nd Scroll seller.

Maple Claws: Maple Claws is the Meso Converter, you can trade 1.5 bil for a Golden sack, u can trade that golden sack back to 1.5 bil at Maple Claws.

Star Pixie: Star Pixie is the Meso - Exp/Exp - Meso Trader.

Fredrick: Fredrick sells Megaphones.

Mia: Mia is the Pet seller of AllstyleMS.

KIN: KIN is the Male Look/Appearance Changer.

NimaKIN: NimaKIN is the is the Female Look/Appearance Changer.

JM from tha Streetz: JM from tha Streetz sells accesoires.

Doofus: Doofus sells Pet Food for your pet(s)!

Nana (K) Love Fairy: U can buy food and some special stuff at Nana (K).

Jiyoule: U can buy more buddy cappacity here.


Spindle: Spindle is the Skillbook seller in AllstyleMS.

Regular Cab: Regular Cab is the PvP Teleporter he teleports you to the PvP Platform.

Nana (H) Love Fairy: Nana (H) is the NX Cash stuff seller, you can buy NX Cash stuff at her!

Doofus: Doofus sells Pet Food for your pet(s)!

Mr. Lee: Lee is a Storage Keeper/Bank you can put some stuff/meso's from your inventory here, dont worry its safe! xD

- Joen

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