How to connect? You can see it here!

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How to connect? You can see it here!

Post  Joen on Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:50 pm

Here you can see how to connect AllstyleMS, it wont take longer then 2 minutes!

First you need our AllstyleMS client, you can download it by going to our site:

If its done with downloading just copy our AllstyleMS client in your Maplestory v55 map. Dont have Maplestory v55 yet? Its not a shame cause you can download it on our site too! :

You won't need hamachi anymore!!! cheers cheers We are non hamachi now! cheers cheers

You can play AllstyleMS now ! Still don't get it? Or got some problems? Make a new topic in the "How to connect?" category and tell us what the problem is. One of us will help as soon as possible!

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