what NPC that drops the nx stuff

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what NPC that drops the nx stuff

Post  Exalibur on Fri Oct 24, 2008 3:04 am

the nx stuff are being dropped by players or golden slimes and if u want to find these fold slimes, press the trade button and go into Fm 1, if u dont see them in ch1, go to ch2, if u still dont find then there probably i dunno lol and if u dont like from getting by drops then buy nx from coco (some categories are missing like capesd and stuff etc. So i recommend u use the code from the website by clicking the button below that says something something code and write it down on paper the code and use that code when u go in the shop and click the coupon button and type ur code for free 200,000 NX cash and buy anything you'd like!

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