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... Bad news, Maybe not? ...

Post  JeNnAyY on Sat Dec 27, 2008 3:17 am

Hey guys, dont freak out by reading this if you really liked allstyle like i did and wanted it back up so much, well im afraid it's not happening. Please be understanding... Lately, ive been, mean. mean to didox and joen in my way of thinking since i was pushing them to get the server back up. but it's not right. You can't force someone to do something when that person doesnt want to. so, i decided to give up, and just let them do what they want. And, i am sorry about everything... well, miracles dont happen... If they do, then i have the worse luck on earth. Btw, merry christmas everyone. Hope you enjoy your gifts if youre a brat and if your parents are rich. Try to enjoy it, like i just said, because not everyone gets the oportunity to have what they want. Well, i guess i wont be coming back on this forum since theres no point. Rolling Eyes

Toodles~~ The bad GM, Jenn >.>.

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